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During my university years I had the opportunity to work in many team projects related to Business and Software Development. Below is a list of my favorite ones divided by study degree.

Master of Science in Management
ESMT Berlin



Kickstarting Las Tejedoras sustainable business

Las Tejedoras, meaning "The Weavers", is a collective of Nicaraguan women who started in 2007 to collect plastic bags from the environment to protect the marine wildlife. The collective ingeniously transforms these bags into woven products such as rugs. I’ve been working in a team of students from ESMT Berlin to enable Las Tejedoras to independently distribute their products and establish themselves as a sustainable brand in the design market.


I spent 1 month in Nicaragua with my team and achieved the following deliverables:

  • Performed market research to define positioning, customer segments and product pricing

  • Mapped the current production-to-customer process

  • Established the new production-to-customer process

  • Designed and developed an ecommerce MVP

  • Negotiated and signed a deal with a major logistic company

  • Studied and defined a brand identity


Market Simulation (MARGA)

The MARGA simulation is a business game designed to give participants hands-on experience in managing a virtual company. During the game, I worked with my team to make decisions in areas such as R&D, marketing, production, personnel, and finance. The goal was to align the company's product and service offerings with market demand while maximising company value. At the end of the 5 weeks of simulation our company managed to achieve a cumulative profit of €80mln.

Bachelor's Degree in Digital Management
Ca' Foscari University of Venice | H-FARM

Tennis Racket and Ball


Predicting tennis matches outcomes with Machine Learning

This project was delivered for the course "Lab of Information Systems and Analytics". It consisted of the creation of a machine learning algorithm able to predict the outcome of tennis matches. The model was trained with tennis matches data from 2000 to 2021 and resulted in a 65% overall accuracy of prediction


Web-scraping software

This project was realised for the course "Lab of Software Project Development". It consisted of the development of a terminal-based software with Python. Me and my team created a web scraper (information aggregator), that automatically searches for the best-selling books online and shows the user a ranking of them. Project Management, incremental implementation and version control was operated on GitHub.


Financial Analysis of a food industry SME

This project was realised for the course "Financial Statement Analysis". It consisted of presenting a financial analysis of a small-medium enterprise (SME) of our choice: I chose Acram, a company of my city that operates in the food machinery industry. My analysis has been structured on company's value proposition, market analysis, financial and income statement analysis, competitor benchmark and financial forecasting.


The relations between Bitcoin and Trust

This project was realised for the course "Business and Digital Law". It consisted of a study about Bitcoin's origins and functioning; that had the aim to answer the research question "Can Bitcoin allow transactions without the need for trust between the parties?". The study is also presenting an analysis of the current EU legislative framework behind cryptocurrencies.

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